Feedback received

The quotes below are extracts from clients’ emails from around the world, unsolicited – that is to say, I did not ask them for feedback.

Since my assistance is provided to clients on a confidential basis, care is taken not to provide information that may identify the client concerned. If you need to know more, ask me which reference(s) you are interested in, and I shall invite (but cannot require) the client concerned to contact you directly.

From Mr. R, regarding editing of an evaluation report: Dear Chris! Thank you very much for a thorough review, very good suggestions and prompt delivery. I will take all of your suggestions seriously, and have accepted most of them.

From Ms. A, regarding editing and proofreading of a major report: Thanks so much for helping me so quickly and so effectively on the publication. It looks really great with the cover and the layout that you have prepared…. It has been a real pleasure to work together and I hope we can collaborate soon again. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

From Mr. T, regarding editing and proofreading of a collated report: Excellent, Chris! You really did a good job in a surprisingly short time – AND you did indeed stick to the language for the looooong chapter… All your comments are well taken and I have accepted all changes you proposed. You spotted the repeated footnote and some missing words (sometimes the word “not”). … Overall, well done.

From Mr. E, regarding technical and editorial advice on a draft project document: Hey Chris, I haven’t properly expressed my thanks for your help in this process. I really enjoyed your style and how you explained things to me. I have missed that part very much earlier in the process… I am happy to spread the word about your services to my colleagues here. I am sure this could be very helpful for them as well.

From Mr. G, regarding advice to improve his CV: Dear Mr.Chris, I don’t know how to express my appreciation to you. You are absolutely right. Your feedback is complete and honest. I am thankful for that. … Your feedback is useful and your writing style is personal and as if you are speaking with me. I wish I had such writing style. … Sincere thanks once again.

From Mr. T, following technical and editing support in the development of a manual: As a freelance consultant, I don’t know how I would manage without you … As the Hidden Helper you are always there when needed, which is especially useful when the deadline is just around the corner. Thank you.

From Ms. F, regarding work on a funding proposal: Hi Chris, Thank you so so much for this fantastic assistance. I agree with you on the changes or additions you made on page 3…it looks much better that way. … And thank you very much for all your encouragements! … I have been very fortunate to have this valuable service from you! … I wish you all the best with miniAID project.

From Mr. O, following assistance with a project document: Hi Chris, Thank you very much for taking time to review the prodoc. You put a lot of efforts and thoughts into it, and many of your comments and suggestions are extremely useful. Had I realized that your support would actually include programmatic recommendations I would have sent you the prodoc much earlier … Your comments and suggestions are all relevant and will be taken into consideration. Regarding the outcome indicator I have to admit that it is actually a cut-and paste error from a different project; so THANKS for spotting it (phew…..). … Chris, your comments and suggestions will definitely improve the document. Thanks again and best regards

From Mr. G, regarding a feasibility report (unusually, this is an assignment not related to aid and development): Chris, Largely thanks to you, my report was accepted, and we’ll soon be moving forward with the work. You did great. Thanks again.

From Ms. A, regarding the preparation of a booklet for her: Dear Chris, You are just a precious gift, suddenly coming in the middle of the storm, and I will definitely remember your support…. Your booklet is exactly what I wanted …. It’s just perfect: it’s pertinent and fun, very accessible and practical, close to (the local) culture… Sincere thanks and congratulations. … I thank you one more time for your superb support. See you soon, I hope.

From Mr. J, regarding advice on website content for a small NGO: Wao! … That’s really thought provoking constructive feedback. Thanks Chris. These are some of the very comments meant to help streamline such efforts/initiatives … Thanks once again. It’s just good and encouraging to see some of you there providing such support.

From Ms. J, regarding assistance on the drafting of a speech on volunteerism: Dear Chris, Thank you for your additional suggestion … Thanks to you, it mostly went well. I had lots of positive and inspiring comments from wide range of people. Our chief guest, HRH enjoyed very much. I sat next to her during the cultural programme which was the following part after the official ceremony.